About CSMF

China Sports Market Forum (CSMF), founded in 2005, was originally jointly launched by Economic Division and Equipment Center of General Administration of Sports, Marketing Development Department of China Olympic Committee, Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sports, CCTV-5, Advertising Management Center of CCTV and CNTV, and now held by Beijing CSMF Sports Industry Co., Ltd.

CSMF Sports Conference & Exhibition has been successfully and consecutively held for 11 sessions, and now is the grand conference in sports industry which has the biggest scale among the world. As the global sports resources sharing platform, it creates huge cooperative opportunities for integrating superior resources and improving brand values.

Sharing Economy - Global Sports Resources Sharing Platform

11 Years of Accumulation

Programme of The 12th CSMF Conference

Frame of the 12th CSMF Conference

Main Conference 10 of top level guests who give different topical speeches

Time: 9:00-12:00 of April 6th, 2017

Address: Hall A, 4th floor, China National Convention Center (CNCC)

Area: 3600㎡

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Attendees:5000 people

Sub-conferences (Panels)

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Time: April 6-7, 2017

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Address: 3rd & 4th floor, CNCC

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Area: 135㎡

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Quantity: 46

More than 40 of topical Sub-conferences divided by international, provinces and municipal cities, different fields; Full industry resources gather together; The platform for largest scale of sharing, communication, display and promotion

Innovative Exhibition

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 A perfect interpretation of sports industry most advanced conceptions

For Exhibitors

Each panel has 135㎡/2hours meeting room plus 135㎡ exhibition area. Exhibitors will have a 9㎡ standard booth, meanwhile have 10-15 minutes independent speech for company or products promotion at panel meeting room.

Frame of the 12th CSMF Conference


3rd Floor Plan

301A-305 are the panel meeting room, and the C001- C026 are the exhibition area for booths

4th Floor Plan

401-407 are the panel meeting room, D001-D017 are the exhibition area for booths

2017 the 12th CSMF Global Sports Conference & Exhibition - Agenda (Draft)

For Visitors

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 The registration channel is not open yet, please pay attention to the official website information

Galleria from Previous CSMF

Out View – China National Convention Center

The Lobby – Place for Check-in

Main Conference – Hall A, 4th Floor

The Guests

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 Sub-conference (The Panel Meeting Room)

Innovative Products Match & Show

The Exhibition Booths

International Exhibitor Registration

Contact Information:

Headquarter: Beijing CSMF Sports Industry Co., Ltd

Rm.1011, Xincheng Culture Building, Chongwenmenwai St, Beijing, China

Tel. 010-67167105

Fax. 010-67085519

bt365体育投注bt365体育投注 E-mail: csmf-international@vip.163.com

CSMF Representative Office in Finland

Bulevardi 7, 00120 Helsinki Finland

Contact Person: Xing Shi (Simo)

Tel. +358 45 892 8203

E-mail: xing.shi@nordicsetgreen.com